My workshop is my home, my playground, my life.

My name is Kostas and I am a full time jewelry designer and creator.

I own a small workshop in Corinth, Greece and I have my bench just behind the desk-cashier.

My workshop is my home, my playground, my life.

Friends are passing by all day long, for chating ,drinking coffee or buying presents for themselves, friends and family.

I hope that my  shop will be the global reflection of my dream for sharing my creations with as many people as possible.

I always admired the simplicity of contemporary jewelry, till the moment I decided to enter into the world of creation myself.

Now I can be a tiny part of it and that makes me feel so alive!
This shop is dedicated to simple, yet breathtaking designs that will complete your everyday outfit.

My goal is to offer handmade jewelry, that will be conversation starters, through simple lines.

My motto is "less is more".

Enjoy your browsing through my shop and do not hesitate to ask me about anything!

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